Engagement Party

engagement party

You’ve announced your engagement to family, called your besties to share the news and posted the most important of all facebook post of all time #HeAsked #SheSaidYes.

Pintrest becomes your new best friend and your imagination runs wild on all the possibilities for creating your perfect day and you throw yourself headlong into the craziness of shopping for venues, hair and make-up stylists, dresses, photographers and EVERYTHING ELSE!

Take a deep breath! That’s right, breathe…

Let’s begin with the engagement party and why this is a great place to start planning your wedding.

Engagement parties are a fantastic way to help break the ice between two families who are about to become one. No matter how long you have been a couple, there’s bound to be family members who haven’t met. To save awkward introductions when you are being congratulated on your wedding day your engagement party is the perfect way for both you and your partner to meet extended family and friends.

Another really practical function of your engagement party is that they serve as a pre-planning exercise before you launch head-first into planning your wedding. Weddings require a lot of co-ordination, communication, planning and preparation. What better way to get the ball rolling than with a celebration that is, if you will, a "test-run" for you. This will give you a clear idea on what is involved, how many people you will be inviting and who you would like to ask to help you organise.

Your engagement party may even be of financial benefit as it can serve as a really helpful way of figuring out what size wedding you would like to have. Let’s face it, catering can be expensive – but, you don’t want to disappoint family members by not inviting. By hosting a engagement party you can work into your planning that you will either down-size or up-size your wedding invitation list and still be able to include everyone to some degree.

When it comes to a deciding on the perfect place to host your engagement party Trunketabella Gardens is a fantastic celebration venue as it has an abundance of open garden rooms, beautiful bell-birds singing from sun-up to sun-down, water views, and it is a DIY venue offering you the freedom to style and cater the way you would like to.

To make planning your engagement party as simple as possible for you we have an "all-inclusive" package rate that allows you to use anything we have on offer from the inclusions list found in our brochure.

A stunning garden venue to
host your engagement party

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