Birthday Party

birthday party

Milestone birthdays are those that cause adults to feel the passage of time and mark important moments along the journey of life.

We hold dear those memory making moments of our life that give us cause to celebrate and give thanks for the experiences and people who have walked along side us during the duration of our life. Thus, milestone birthdays represent an unbroken thread that links our life and all the people in it together. The act of celebrating these milestone moments is a sign of triumph over adversity, of strength, courage and hope for all the moments passed and those yet to come. The also represent the decades of experience that each of is privileged enough to say "This is my life".

The bringing of loved ones, friends and family together is good for our connection, our sense of roots and belonging. It offers us an opportunity to have fun, play games, tell stories and enjoy each other’s company.

As we get older it can become easier to focus on the time we don’t have rather than the time we have had and complacency can get in the way of celebrating the date of your birth to planet earth and the gifts you bring to all who love and cherish you.

Stay focused on connection and contribution. Give the gift to others of celebrating your milestone birthday. You will thank yourself when you feel them hug you and tell you how much they love having you in their life!

The advantages of a celebration are universal, and can be as powerful in a small, quiet gathering as in a large, outrageous party. No matter your preference for bringing the people you care about together we have the perfect venue for you.

When it comes to a deciding on the perfect place to host your birthday party Trunketabella Gardens is a fantastic celebration venue as it has an abundance of open garden rooms, beautiful bell-birds singing from sun-up to sun-down, water views, and it is a DIY venue offering you the freedom to style and cater the way you would like to.

To make planning your birthday party as simple as possible for you we have an "all-inclusive" package rate that allows you to use anything we have on offer from the inclusions list found in our brochure.

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Specialising in:

  • 30th Birthday Party – Pearl/ Sliver
  • 40th Birthday Party – Ruby
  • 50th Birthday Party – Gold
  • 60th Birthday Party – Diamond
  • 70th Birthday Party – Platinum
  • 80th Birthday Party – Oak/ Diamond/Pearl
  • 90th Birthday Party – Stone
  • 100th Birthday Party – Anything you damn well want, you deserve it!
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