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The first 10 years or so of marriage we lovingly remember the day we totally committed ourselves to our spouse and said “I do”. And then as time passes, the enthusiasm we once had for celebrating our unions become less of a focus and complacency becomes all to easy.

The truth is that celebrating your anniversary is extremely important and it is in the best interest of not only you and your partner, but your relationship together.

Celebrating your anniversary – a day that belongs to you, your partner and your relationship is healthy. It puts forward the energy of saying “We are important and significant enough together in this union that we will take time out to nurture and enrich our day-today life by celebrating with each other in a thoughtful, loving and fun way.

It is a time to reflect on all the years shared with each other and the milestone achievements that you have experienced together – jobs, homes, travel, children, family and the growth all of this has offered you both as individuals and as a couple.

Your union is special, unique and important. Your marriage and all that comes with it is worth celebrating. Through your marriage you have grown and created your family. Celebrating your marriage and your family is a deep honour to share with your spouse and all your near and dear loved ones.

When it comes to a deciding on the perfect place to host your anniversary party Trunketabella Gardens is a fantastic celebration venue as it has an abundance of open garden rooms, beautiful bell-birds singing from sun-up to sun-down, water views, and it is a DIY venue offering you the freedom to style and cater the way you would like to.

To make planning your wedding anniversary as simple as possible for you we have an "all-inclusive" package rate that allows you to use anything we have on offer from the inclusions list found in our brochure.

A stunning garden venue to
host your wedding anniversary party

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Specialising in:

  • 20th Wedding Anniversary – China/ Platinum
  • 25th Wedding Anniversary – Silver
  • 30th Wedding Anniversary – Pearl / Sliver
  • 35th Wedding Anniversary – Coral/ Jade
  • 40th Wedding Anniversary – Ruby
  • 45th Wedding Anniversary – Sapphire
  • 50th Wedding Anniversary – Gold
  • 55th Wedding Anniversary – Emerald
  • 60th Wedding Anniversary – Diamond
  • 65th Wedding Anniversary – Blue Saphire
  • 70th Wedding Anniversary - Platinum
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